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Best to do list app For android 2018

Everyday we get up in the morning and we think of doing a lot of tasks. Usually we plan to do a lot of things and tasks for the day. As we all know that it is tendency of the human body as well as brain to get tired after doing some activities or things. Another case is that we often forget
to do some tasks which we are much important to us. The problem is that we are not able to remember all the tasks or there is not always someone who can remind us do those activities or tasks.

Nowadays, everyone of us is using android smartphones or devices. Smartphones can be very helpful for us in this case. You may be wondering how? It is because there are various To Do List apps for android phones which remind us for doing daily tasks and activities. I am myself using a To Do List app to make a list of the tasks I have to do daily. Making use of a To Do List apps help us to perform tasks at the required and exact time. It will be much better for an android user to
have an To Do List andoid application in his/her phone so that he can keep track of all the activities and jobs He/She has to do all the day. So, Today I have come up with an article about Best To Do List Apps for Android Devices. Now let us start..

best to do list app for android

best to do list app for android 2017

Best To Do List Android Apps:

So here are the 5 Best To Do List Apps for Andoid devices or Smartphones.

best to do list app for android

best to do list app for android

#1. ToDoList:

This is the first app in this list. This is my favourite and I am also using it
to keep record and track of all the tasks I have to do daily or weekly. You can easily list your to do activities with Name, date and time here, I mean the tasks you have to do daily. Besides this, you can also choose for the reminder option but in that case you have to upgrade to a premium plan. Don’t bother, there are also some other apps which come with reminder option just for free. Just keep on reading and you will find some of those apps below in this post. This is one of the best android To Do List App.

#2. Wunderlist:

Wunderlist is just another awesome To do List app for android users by which they can keep a list of their daily activities or other tasks to do. The best thing about this app is that it can also help to collaborate lists
with our family members and colleagues easily. It is one of the best and easy To Do List App for android devices which makes sharing and creating lists easy. Moreover, it is also available for ios and windows based devices. Here an option to set reminder for your tasks is also available. You can also add a file and sub task here. So start creating a list of your tasks while having a delicious cup of coffee.[link]

#3. Google Keep:

Google keep is one among the top android To Do List applications to keep a record of our daily to do activities and things. As the name itself speaks, it is the property of Google Inc. It is one among the most recommended To Do List Applications available on the Google’s Play Store. Google Keep is just not only a To Do Application but also a Note service, means we can also
keep our text notes, photos and even audio records in it. So this is a multi-tasking app which can just reduce the burden of installing a lot of Apps for different tasks. You can also customize this app with various layouts and color schemes.

#4- is another awesome and award winning To Do List App for android devices. Here you can easily create To Do Lists, Reminders and Tasks as per the calendar. You can easily view your tasks, events for the day, week or even month. Another best feature about is that we can also add
voice entry to our To Do Lists. is free with most of the features but you can also upgrade to a premium plan which will cover more features like full collaboration, themes change, location based alerts and file- attaching features.


#5- Remember the Milk

This is just another amazing To Do List App for android devices. Its name may sound weird but this is one of the smart To Do List App for creating lists and keeping reminders for our day to do activities. The best thing about Remember the Milk Android application is that it integrates with Gmail, Google Calendar, Twitter, Evernote and more. It is regarded as an organized and productive To Do List app used by millions of users across the globe. Another great thing about this app is that we get reminded and notified to do our tasks by Email, Text, IM, Twitter and Mobile notifications. Remember the Milk is one of the best To Do List App out there in the Android Market.

Wrapping it up:

So, that was the list of 5 Best To Do List Apps for Android Smartphones and Devices. All of these apps are the quality and most trusted ones, each of them having over a million downloads on Play Store. Each app has additional and unique features than others available in the Android Market. You can
choose to download any one among these top To Do List apps, depends on which one you like. The size of these android apps is also less, with most of them being below 15 mb. All of these apps are safe for your devices with no risk or threat at all.

So How was the article Guys? Did I miss anything? Or You know of any other amazing To Do List app? Then let me know in comments. I will add that to this Post. Do share this post with your friends and colleagues.


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